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Biped is a journey for two characters, Aku and Sila. But it’s also an emotional journey for you and a friend. It could be played solo, but these types of games are always better with friends. Now, a brand-new gameplay trailer has announced that Biped is coming to PC on March 27, so you’re running out of time to find a suitable partner to undertake this expedition with.

In this co-op action-adventure, the beacons on Earth have gone dark. You and your cute companion have been tasked with the challenging job of reactivating the beacons and once again illuminating our planet on the interstellar map. You’ll need to traverse across a beautiful world in order to accomplish this task.

Check out some heartwarming gameplay and collaborative conquering in the latest trailer for Biped below.

“The theme of Biped is ‘Together’,” said a developer from Next Studios. “We wish to invite players to rediscover the heartwarming moments of being with friends and family, communicating and sharing an adventure together.”

Piece by Piece

In Biped, you control your robot’s two legs, using the left and right mouse button or the two sticks on a controller. While having two legs that work independently of one another is convenient for your human body, they’re a little tricky to operate on your robot. But, once mastered, you can perform a range of moves that will help you on your journey.

As you puzzle your way through the paths that lead to the planetary beacons, you’ll explore a range of environments, from secret forests to icy mountaintops. Collecting treasures and buying goofy hats will also allow players to customize their robots.

Biped Characters

As you may have guessed this game is pretty cutesy but it is an Indie game but the gameplay trailer definitely does not leak away that it is of the indie variety. Also Local co-op is coming back, thankfully, and Biped is the latest game to take full advantage. Developer NEXT Studios calls it a “ragdoll style couch co-op game” and the description totally fits. The two make their way through a diverse ecosystem that seems reminiscent of the glory days of Nintendo 64, sounds like a friday night in middle school again….I’m In! They have to work together to solve puzzles, and that’s where the ragdoll part comes in. Just like in Snipperclips, attempts at teamwork sometime turn into hilarious blunders.

As of now, Biped doesn’t have a set release date. It’s website only says “Coming Soon” with a press release stating that it will come “later this year.” NEXT Studios should probably get on that, as there’s not much left of this year.

The game saw a lot of play time at Chinajoy 2019 alongside a lot of other upcoming PlayStation titles. Gamers in the U.S. will get a chance to demo it for themselves during PAX West at the end of the month. It’s one of several titles that NEXT Studios is bringing to the event, although it will probably be the most delightful by far. Even if the Nintendo Switch is helping to bring back the idea of local multiplayer, this sort of pleasant two-person co-op game is sadly rare.

**Update!! Biped will be available for PC via Steam. Make sure you don’t miss out on its March 27 launch by wish-listing the game on Steam now.

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